Monthly Archives: December 2011

day three hundred.sixty.three


vacation is making us a little stir crazy.

day three hundred.sixty.two

bouncy house time

day three

candy apples

another picture from our boston trip. candied apples at quincy market.

day three hundred.sixty

frog pond

we stopped by frog pond in boston common to possibly go ice skating. it did not happen due to lack of time and the thousand person deep line waiting ahead of us.

day three hundred.fifty.nine

riding the t

one of our gifts from auntie ange (far left) was tickets to see disney on ice in boston. it was a family adventure to say the least. the boy loved riding the train as much as seeing mickey on ice.

day three

christmas eve

christmas eve. every year we celebrate with my husband’s family. our son, as usual, had a spledid time opening myriads of gifts.

day three hundred.fifty.six

puzzle time. fooling around with the streamzoo app.

day three hundred.fifty.five

penciling you in

let me pencil you in. for someone who was just a breath ago struggling to climb out of his crib i am amazed at his coloring skills. he says scribbling is not allowed.

day three hundred.fifty.four

i decided to make my students work for their christmas fun by forcing them to unwrap hershey kisses with gloves on. this relay race was male versus female. males won. after such torture we enjoyed a mornign of junkfood, movie watching, gift giving, and a game of capture the flag.