Monthly Archives: November 2012

tday 026
none shall pass

tday 011
the excitement of opening gifts.

tday 024
sunlight trying to find the ground.

you can never outgrow legos.

the local shriners have an annual christmas raffle. businesses decorate christmas trees to be won by anxious ticket holders. here’s hoping we win! at least he won the scavenger hunt.

the dinosaurs are hungry for breakfast

thanksgiving day.
tday 008
tday 029

tday 050
the jasus men.
tday 035
the mcdonald men

block building
building block on the edge of his bed

with much hesitation and almost quitting, i joined our community choir to sing in their annual production of handel’s messiah. today we practiced in the church where we will be performing. this is something i’ve always wanted to do but it was a real mental struggle to commit. i am glad i did. our practice was wonderful today and i truly felt blessed to sing about the messiah, to the messiah.

catching the setting sun