Monthly Archives: October 2011

day three hundred.three

halloween howl 2011

going trick or treating. thankful for the lack of tricks.

day three hundred.two


trekking through the deep snow. we were all surprised by the snow storm on these last couple days of october.

day three


random phone shot

day three hundred


heading out to take candy from strangers. our city shut down main street and businesses opened their doors for the costumed and eager. it was a lot of fun, especially with close friends and their baby dressed up as a fuzzy duck.

day two hundred.ninety.nine


getting ready for halloween. for us it is all about the candy. our son can enjoy a few pieces while mom and dad hoard the rest. we have a few more years of getting by with that behavior. the boy is thrilled to take the streets as a superhero.

day two hundred.ninety.eight


our son’s first official school photo. it blows my mind we have made it this far. granted it has only been four years, but it has passed by with tremendous speed and effort. i am also impressed with how much he is learning. he will come home singing songs with such ease. songs i have not heard before. he says he learned them in music class. and then he comes home to tell me he not only had to remove stickers from his chart in class but to take down the chart itself. my heart aches for him to get it someday. to grasp the concept of right and wrong. i pray he gives his heart in submission to our LORD and savior and he truly understands what that means. i know GOD will move in him. i look forward to framing thirteen more photos just like this one.

day two


ready to be handled with care

day two hundred.ninety.six


a sad kind of looking robot

day two hundred.ninety.five


putting together a puzzle

day two hundred.ninety.four


he has taken a keen interest in coloring lately