Monthly Archives: August 2012

my crazy class
my new fifth grade class. i. love. them. they are so refreshing compared to last year. i have been grinning with excitement…even at the end of the day. i hope these feelings continue!

ready for Kindergarten!
first day of kindergarten!!
not wanting to pose in front of his locker
not too thrilled.

celebrating another marriage of wonderful friends! wedding #2 this season.

‘batman’ enjoying the view.

it is our last real day of summer vacation…not counting the weekend. i was so busy with school meetings this week that i actually missed spending time with my son. we went back to liquid planet again today to cool off and enjoy the remnants of a good summer.

our new cat….mcqueen.

getting ready for school
getting school supplies ready! school begins in two weeks.

storyland 2012
we ventured up to storyland today! being squished in a tea cup with everyone was awesome.
storyland 2012
not too happy

enjoying the dance of newly married friends. wedding #1 of this season.

now presenting: tiger meets lion.