Monthly Archives: August 2013

summer vacation day seventy seven

Big feet
i love pushing him on the swing!

summer vacation day seventy five

Sprinkles make everything better
brownies with sprinkles was requested today.

summer vacation day seventy four

#fishercats baseball game #americansummerthingtodo
we did our american summer duty and went to a local baseball game. hot and long and boring, but the home team won in the last inning.

summer vacation day seventy three

we went to the seacoast today to explore odiorne state park.

summer vacation day seventy two

Loved spending the last true day of my summer vacation with just my little man
back to santa’s village today. just me and my little man.

summer vacation day seventy one

Thinking about jumping in #endofsummer

went swimming at lake sunappe today on a really chilly, windy day!

summer vacation day sixty nine

Backyard fun when pools are closed. #letsthrowthings #summervacation
pools are closed and the heat is extensive this week! time to fill up the pool and launch things into it.

summer vacation day sixty eight

Playing in and around the tent in the backyard. #whynot
he loves that the tent is up

summer vaction day sixty six

we went up north again today with my in laws. we had a wonderful time seeing the flume, the basin, and riding the tram up cannon mountain.