Monthly Archives: October 2012

halloween 2012
dressed up as luke skywalker for halloween tonight.
halloween 2012

kindergartenhis kindergarten class celebrated obeying ‘the first time’

waiting for daddy at his officewaiting for daddy to come out of his office.

jiffy pop jiffy pop goodness.

today is national remembrance day. remembering (as if we never forget) the children lost due to miscarriage, or still birth, or any horrific reason for that matter. we lost  released corbin on may 7, 2011. october 15 is coincidentally his original due date. i have come to a place of complacency. it saddens me when i force myself to think about that day. it saddens me to think about what could have been. but i rejoice that he is alive, waiting for me and his dad and brother.

mountaintop view
we celebrated our tenth anniversary from this mountaintop cabin.

staging the stuffed animals.

reading highlights magazine before bed.

posing with daddy.

jeff & karen
fourth wedding. my favorite people. congratulation jeff & karen.
jeff & karen