Monthly Archives: July 2011

day two hundred.twelve

fisher cats 2

i had the privilege of sitting in the tormenting heat to watch our local baseball team lose a game.

day two hundred.eleven

jayce's cannonball
this is my nephew jayce. he just turned five. that is a good reason to perform a cannonball into the pool.

day two hundred.ten

nutrition at its best.

day two hundred.nine

i don’t know why i was up at four in the morning but i was able to catch the first coming ups of the sun.

day two hundred.eight


some photo editing fun. i found this photo of our son in a pile of papers from his preschool. it just screamed mugshot to me, so i turned it into one. hee hee!

day two


our four year old practicing his name

Sweet Shot Day

day two hundred.six

we rode our bike to the pool today and my son was taking pictures. i thought this came out kind of cool looking.

day two hundred.five

the invasion of the giant moths. don’t know if you can see it flying above the picnic table. these guys are all over the place. two have been found in our house thanks to the cats.

day two hundred.four

our son getting ready for music camp this week. he was mighty proud of his ginormous t shirt.

day two hundred.three

pancake day!