Monthly Archives: February 2011

day fifty.eight

hi 159

father and son walking to church.


hi 157

date night at denny’s. note. that is not me nor anyone i know in the photo.

day fifty.six

hi 150

yet another snowy day here

day fifty.five


heaven on earth.

day fifty.four


a day home today. vacation is next week and to be quite honest i’m not looking forward to spending all day home with our three year old son. to love him is an understatement but to put up with his defiance of late is nauseating. so i’m racking my brain of things to occupy our time together. even taking a long road trip is tempting, but a little far fetched. so this week, like today, i’ve limited our time out to reserve it for vacation. our day was filled with games and tv and snacks and reading. meltdowns unseen.

day fifty.three

hi 130


day fifty.two

hi 085

deep conversation


hi 113

old decrepit barn door. i think there is still beauty in the seasoned and weathered and forgotten.

day fifty

SOOC Saturday

day fifty

basking in what warmth we had yesterday

day forty.nine


one of those mornings. my son screaming at me before seven. my tired body refusing to comply with the rising of the sun. my lack of desire to do anything has overtaken me. kind of fitting that i read psalm 31 this morning hiding under the covers while my son calmed himself down.
‘have mercy on me, Lord, for i am in distress. tears blur my eyes. my body and soul are withering away…sin has drained my strength; i am wasting away from within…how great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. you lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world.’