Monthly Archives: September 2011

day two hundred seventy.two


our son was having his stuffed cat read to us the story of ‘corduroy’ tonight. the cat elaborated in some parts.

day two hundred


it has been one month since the first day of school. despite being driven to tears twice already i absolutely love it. my favorite time of the day is first thing in the morning when i walk into a sleeping building and the classroom is ready to shelter its students. the sun streams in just so and brings delight to a new day.

day two hundred seventy


do not know if it is fortunate or not but my classroom is lined with windows which look out onto the brand new playground. once in a while i catch our son playing out there. today he was on, what we dubbed, ‘the puker’

day two hundred sixty.nine


digging for treasure i suppose

day two hundred sixty.eight


mushrooms are sprouting everywhere!

day two hundred


how can one not enjoy a carousel ride?

day two hundred sixty.six


we went to a place in massachusetts called ‘battleship cove.’ it is just that. a cove at which three battleships and one submarine are docked. it was hot and humid but worth the day long grin our son had on his face. to see more photos go here.

day two hundred sixty.five


my son was playing with my camera. this photo came out great. so i think.

day two hundred sixty.three


our routine has transformed to one where i rarely have the time or energy to cook let alone shop for groceries to perform such deed. despite the nauseating headache {a gift from my class today} this is one of those nights where i attempt to prepare a meal. by the time it was done i had no appetite.

i am also lacking energy to take interesting pictures, thus one of white flour. the camera was in the kitchen and i snapped away.