Monthly Archives: April 2011

day one hundred.nineteen

Picture 143
finally cleaning up pine needles who were hiding snuggly under the winter’s snow.

day one hundred.eighteen

Picture 125
first real swimming lesson. our little man is sitting on the edge on the far left.

day one hundred.seventeen

Picture 123
computer time with daddy

day one hundred.sixteen

Picture 117
getting ready for swimming lessons

day one hundred.fifteen

Picture 110
tulip in bloom

day one hundred.fourteen

Picture 105

easter this year was a first: an outdoor cookout complete with bubbles at our home with family.

day one hundred.twelve

Picture 059

congratulations seth and melissa!

day one hundred.eleven

Picture 052

king of the castle

day one hundred.ten

Picture 041
lunch date. we were waiting for a dear friend to join us today.