Monthly Archives: May 2012

audubon our son’s class had a field trip to the local audubon society. he said his favorite animal was the snake.

alton bay finally. i can breathe. a welcome break from the insanity at school. i have been so on edge about the end of the school year that i can’t sleep. i am constantly thinking about our class’ graduation ceremony (why do we even need one…they are in fifth grade?) and my students are shutting down as if their plugs have been pulled. but this weekend we can get away. and relax.

may2012 068 my husband had a gig tonight. it has been so long since they played together in this kind of setting. they were awesome! his band’s website:

thank you daddy daddy made him something out of legos. our son was so happy and grateful he just had to write daddy a thank you note.

mason 007 our son graduated from pre-k today mason 022

on the dock later this week we are taking a mini vacation with friends of ours. today my friend and i ventured up to the lake house to check it out. sadly the house is not on the lake, but close enough. it will be so nice to get away later. to close the door on everything here.

mason 003 getting ready for the jump

kiwanis fair 2012 the fair came to town! it was very hot but the promise was made to take him there.

Untitled our spontaneity burst forth yesterday when the intense blue skies and warm air screamed: ocean. we drove to the beach with out preparation. i cannot explain the amount of fun and giggling that was had by us all. our son did not care that his jeans were soaking wet and hoarding sand. he jumped those waves like they were hurdles. i loved watching my son have the time of his life. i loved that our family had fun together. Untitled

mother's day tea it was mother’s day tea at our school today, in my son’s class.