Monthly Archives: August 2011

day two hundred.forty.two

it is rare i am out the same time the sun sets. i am looking forward to another day.

first day of school. despite one mishap of our son leaving his bag of supplies home he had a great day. here he is playing at recess. it’s great to see him as a student here. this morning he asked to come visit me, which he did, and asked to go home. but after some encouragement he had a great day and kept saying that long after school had ended.

day two

early morning sunrise

day two hundred.forty

my first lesson plans in at least four years. it is like sliding into a comfortable pair of jeans you forgot you had hiding in the back of your closet. comforting and surprising that they still fit. tomorrow is going to be exciting for myself and our son. we packed his lunch and checked off all the needed supplies on his list. despite his two-mornings-a-week precursor last year, this preschool will be new and anxiety-ridden. all day. everyday. but in the school i am teaching at. i ran to walmart (one of the few places open in this hurricane threatened area) for some last minute classroom items and puzzling together each minute of the upcoming week.

day two hundred.thirty.nine

day two hundred.thirty.nine

his first baseball game.

day two hundred.thirty.eight

open house
our open house was this morning. i met six out of my sixteen students. this is going to be a great year. i am so happy to be back into the role of teacher.

day two


getting something done i hope. lesson planning looms.

day two hundred.thirty.six

new shoes! too bad he can’t wear them to his new school.

day two hundred.thirty.five


orange butterfly

day two hundred.thirty.four

me and my laptop