Monthly Archives: June 2011

day one

pirate face

day four of babysitting. this is my most adorable niece. i love her smoodginess. we actually went the the children’s museum of richmond where again my nephew had a meltdown at the sight of all the people.

day one hundred.eighty

kangaroojac's 3

day three of babysitting. oh the land of bouncy houses. my nephew had an emotional breakdown upon entering this place. my son loved it of course.

day one hundred.seventy.nine

mcd's refreshment

day two of babysitting my niece and nephew. it’s quite the challenge toting three kids under the age of 5, especially in a minivan….which i am not used to.

day one hundred.seventy.eight


we left cold NH summer weather and arrived to hot and humid. we found a great place to cool off today!

day one

va rest stop

finally made it to VA. we take time to rest and literally run around, then he found a water spigot and was delighted.

day one hundred.seventy.six


my son and i packed up the car and headed to VA to visit my sister. a long road trip from NH. here we are crossing the george washington bridge.

day one hundred.seventy.five

climbing mount everest … in his eyes

day one hundred.seventy.four

it’s another rainy…week. not much to do by stay inside. let’s play ‘what’s on your kitchen table?’
1. water bottle recently bought from recent staycation
2. outgoing and ingoing mail
3. ream of saltines
4. new clutch
5. coupon holder with very few coupons
6. coupons recently printed to go into said holder
7. shopping list written on corner of newspaper
8. game cartridge
9. half empty (yes, i’m that kind of person) iced coffee
10. broken tool of some sort

day one hundred.seventy.three


his self portrait.

day one hundred.seventy.two

first day of summer and we head to the ocean. we are somewhere out there in the crowd on the hot sand.