Monthly Archives: February 2012

mommy and son feet

happy leap day!

Picture 199

despite the chill and hair whipping wind we went to the park today. i was feeling a little artsy fartsy with my camera.

Picture 196

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we are now on vacation. to help pass time i’m using scrap yarn to crochet a mammoth scarf.


making cookies


the beginnings of a dance party on the bed


some of my students playing on the playground at school


signing each valentine with love.

Picture 167

the beautiful baby boy of my bestest friend.

Picture 142
a live 3-D puppet show.

Picture 140

he found out today that a classmate knows where we live. as soon as we got home from school he grabbed an apple to eat while he waited and watched for this classmate to come over. i tried to tell him that adults need to make these plans, but for about ten minutes he was convinced she was coming regardless.