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Day 161


catching the wind

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Day 160


things i find sitting on the kitchen window sill.

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Day 159


teaching the boy to catch a baseball.

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Day 158


good morning. a hard morning.  it was thursday, march 12. my phone rang at 2:30 and i knew immediately what the call was about. my mom called to tell me my dad had passed away.   i have lived the last year almost in dread of march 12. like it was going to happen all over again. i went through the first birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas, without him. now memories of what happened flood back with lightning speed.  remembering how sad i was a year ago makes me sad. people tell me it will get easier. my sister says she survived with therapy and medication. death hurts. sorrow is so painful.  so unfair.

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Day 145


no trespassing. don’t worry. i have no intention going down the shady alley.

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Day 142


spending most of his time here in the wave pool.  made the mistake of going down a waterslide first thing today and he will never.again.go down one. #greatwolflodge

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Day 140


the boy and i are heading down to pennsylvania today to meet my mom.  she is treating us to a few days at the infamous great wolf lodge.

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Day 133

24689209959_79a47df534_ofirst game in the tournament and it was beyond intense.  i walked in honestly thinking i wanted the to lose, so that the season would be over.  but as they played hard and as the opposing team’s fans grew bitter i wanted us to win.  we did.  by one point.  on to the next seat in the bracket.25030518596_e58c1340af_o

the foul shot that could have ended it for us.  he didn’t make it.

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day 131


these kids are eight, nine years old the and game is played as intently as a professional nba game.  that ambition paid off today and they won their second game.  it’s on to the tournament for this team.

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