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Day 29


it was a frosty start to today’s tournament.  looking at the bracket when we first arrived we honestly did not envision making it to the end.  they did it! they won their soccer tournament.  a resounding thank you to the coaches and parents and players who had fun and played their best.

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day 22


he almost made a goal

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Day 10


going for the goal

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Day 8


i teach fifth grade and all but one of my male students are on the school’s soccer team.  every time they have a game they ask me if i can go watch them play.  today i made it, with camera in hand.  love their determination and drive.  wish i could see the same in their school work as well!

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day 4


ready for a big kick.  love the girl in red and her tongue sticking out and the intense look on my boy’s face.

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day 1


throwing in the ball from the sideline.

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this boy has set aside all laziness for a few hours a week and shown great determination!  my heart skips a beat watching him go after the ball and skips even faster when he makes contact with the ball. he may never score a goal, but i don’t care.  i love watching him simply play.


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our school held a pep rally today.  here is our tenacious soccer playing running with team mates, being cheered on!

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it is soccer season! this is our son’s second year playing for the school.  his coach noticed a difference in his  attitude towards the sport. he seems more aggressive and happy to play.  it really showed today.  one of the reasons i bought this new camera was to take pictures of the soccer games, however my zoom lens has been acting finicky.  it will not focus while zoomed out. the above photo was taken with the 55-200mm lens at about 60mm. the below photo was taken at about 150mm. it might be time to replace the lens. 21391031831_488e8b4948_o

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