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Day 247


27505664375_0425e5e1bd_owe had field day at school yesterday. look at the smile on the little man’s face!



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Day 246


end of the year selfies. i’m going to miss them.

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Day 232


Took my class to a WWII museum today. Here they are walking through a time tunnel.

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Day 222


our school had a fundraiser today, a race for education.  color was added and it was certainly the highlight of the race.

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Day 216


my fifth graders put on another great science fair yesterday.

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Day 8


i teach fifth grade and all but one of my male students are on the school’s soccer team.  every time they have a game they ask me if i can go watch them play.  today i made it, with camera in hand.  love their determination and drive.  wish i could see the same in their school work as well!

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first day of third grade. photo cred goes to the hubs.

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today was the annual awards ceremony at school.  looks like he had a rough morning.

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a favorite fundraiser of the year.  students raise money to support the school and in turn “race for education.”  more like walk in a figure eight pattern on campus for an hour.  it is friday. it is warm. we are wet and loving time off of classes to be free!  the little man is second one in from the right.

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i teach fifth grade and every year my students host a science fair.  they each choose a topic to experiment on and have time to do such experiments at home. on the day of the fair we invite other grades to come learn from my students.  my one student, sitting here, is showing the chickens she hatched from different colored eggs.

each year i am floored with how well they do and how much fun they have with the project.

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