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Day 247


27505664375_0425e5e1bd_owe had field day at school yesterday. look at the smile on the little man’s face!



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Day 185


one of my students was in a local production of ‘schoolhouse rock, live.’ so of course we all went to see her perform.  #conjunctionjunction

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Day 103


gluten full. sugar full. yummy goodness. i love baking on a snowy day.

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Day 79


i was asked to help a friend make deliveries for edible arrangements.  it was actually fun and relaxing driving all over the capitol region, alone. just me, fruit baskets, and christmas music.  the weather has been warm and foggy and it is sad there is no snow at christmas time.

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it has been extremely hot these last few days.  not a good way to start school. hot weather leads to sluggishness and add that to students still stuck in summer mode, it makes for a difficult job.  thank goodness for air conditioning.  i tried to capture the bright red sun that rose this morning through the kitchen window. it will be another hot day.

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took the boy to a local art studio, ‘no brushes allowed.’  there’s nothing like giving a boy a way to create a mess.

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