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getting into the decorating spirit.

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black friday. the power is still out. we spent the night at my in laws, who also did not have power but a generator. i didn’t sleep at all, but still woke up early to shop the sales.  as i was leaving the target parking lot, i looked up and saw this immaculate view.

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sun rising on a world covered in white.

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flurry of snow today. something so beautiful leaving us without power or heat.

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my dad. as soon as i got off the phone with my mom tonight i found the photo albums shoved in the back of my son’s bedroom closet. i was looking for a photo i know i have seen before of him holding me as an infant. i forever hold that image in my head when i think of him. a dad who holds me close and simply loves me. in my search i couldn’t find that photo, but several others, including the one posted above. a family posing one easter morning in bennington, vermont.  (that’s me in the pink three piece suit) my dad on the far left. mom must have taken the photo.

my dad. tonight, i found myself having a repeat conversation with my mom. dad’s in the hospital. again. he’s not a sickly man, but just getting old, i suppose.  three years ago it was a brain aneurism. last year it was a quadruple bypass. tonight i hear words like high white blood cell count….leukemia….bone marrow biopsy…chemotherapy.  but nothing determined until tests are done. mom passed the phone to my dad and neither of us could get as much as a ‘happy thanksgiving’ muttered. i think we were both trying not to cry. the man that held his infant daughter with such tenderness. i want him here, now.

our GOD who heals, please heal. our GOD who hears, listen. do not let this be what we fear it may be. administer your mercy.

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I brought my class to see the local hockey team play.  imagine an arena filled with kids ages 9-19 screaming all at once. ouch.

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that time of year when we can do a little that probably means a lot to a little boy half way around the world. check out operation christmas child to find out why we do this.

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wonder held in an iPhone. magnificent colors one late afternoon.

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playing with light.

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live show. front row seat. listening to daddy play.

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