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Day 158


good morning. a hard morning.  it was thursday, march 12. my phone rang at 2:30 and i knew immediately what the call was about. my mom called to tell me my dad had passed away.   i have lived the last year almost in dread of march 12. like it was going to happen all over again. i went through the first birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas, without him. now memories of what happened flood back with lightning speed.  remembering how sad i was a year ago makes me sad. people tell me it will get easier. my sister says she survived with therapy and medication. death hurts. sorrow is so painful.  so unfair.

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Day 156


it was ‘american wax museum’ day at school today.  for three days straight this guy could not go five minutes without mentioning the event with excitement.  this was a project he really looked forward to.  he picked his character without any prodding. he chose theodore roosevelt.  it was a project we all had fun working on.

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Day 133

24689209959_79a47df534_ofirst game in the tournament and it was beyond intense.  i walked in honestly thinking i wanted the to lose, so that the season would be over.  but as they played hard and as the opposing team’s fans grew bitter i wanted us to win.  we did.  by one point.  on to the next seat in the bracket.25030518596_e58c1340af_o

the foul shot that could have ended it for us.  he didn’t make it.

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day 131


these kids are eight, nine years old the and game is played as intently as a professional nba game.  that ambition paid off today and they won their second game.  it’s on to the tournament for this team.

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Day 75


about to make a great pass.

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Day 36


halloween. a good time gathering candy and sitting on couches on a friend’s lawn warming up by the fire.22467493360_1b264b4fd7_o

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Day 35


i took my fifth grade class to a local chocolatier.  we finished reading ‘charlie and the chocolate factory’ and we are lucky to live close to a real chocolate factory. it is my fifth time here, and i never get sick of it.

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Day 29


it was a frosty start to today’s tournament.  looking at the bracket when we first arrived we honestly did not envision making it to the end.  they did it! they won their soccer tournament.  a resounding thank you to the coaches and parents and players who had fun and played their best.

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