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Day 274


beautiful sunset and fireworks

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Day 264


my best friend and i took our kids on a little hike today to Sabbady Falls of the Kancamangus Highway here in NH.  my little man suprised me by boldy jumping from rock to rock across the river multiple times.

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Day 249


took my class up the annual hike up mt. kearsarge.  it was crazy windy, but fun.  a perfect way to end another year of fifth grade.

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Day 178


took my class on a field trip today to watch maple syrup being made. #nhliquidgold

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Day 79


i was asked to help a friend make deliveries for edible arrangements.  it was actually fun and relaxing driving all over the capitol region, alone. just me, fruit baskets, and christmas music.  the weather has been warm and foggy and it is sad there is no snow at christmas time.

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day 15


our little family celebrated the thirteenth wedding anniversary of the hubs and i.  we were married at a local tourist attraction, near lake winnipesauke, called the castle in the clouds. it was a mansion built 100 years ago and preserved to what life was like in the 1920’s.  but the draw is the view.  the castle sits high up on  a mountain in moutounborough nh, overlooking new hampshire’s infamous lake. the day we were married it was cold, and overcast. in fact, when we left the venue the rain started to fall.

that was thirteen years ago.

today the weather was perfect. the foliage at peak season. we took our son and made it just before closing time. we showed him all the places we walked, spoke our vows, posed for pictures. all while another wedding was about to begin.

another reason i love octobers.

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day 2


went up north today and spent time building with rocks in the freezing cold river water.

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we are currently in the midst of a ‘historic’ snowstorm here in new hampshire. epic snowfall amounts. crippling blizzard like conditions. i find it mesmerizing and beautiful. pull back the curtains and watch the snow rush by at furious speeds.

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