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Day 249


took my class up the annual hike up mt. kearsarge.  it was crazy windy, but fun.  a perfect way to end another year of fifth grade.

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mt. washington. probably the most iconic site in new hampshire. i’ve driven up the treacherous auto road once. i’ve hiked it once. i even rode up on a cog.    the husband and i were able to have dinner and spend the night in the just as iconic mt. washington hotel and resort.  an old hotel boasting hallways similar to that seen in the movie, the shining.  it was nice to be treated to a delicious meal and enjoy a kid free night. no fighting bedtime routines. i was able to watch what i wanted on the tv. i could stretch out on the massive king sized bed (putting our queen to shame).  i woke up to the view above. and i  did not bring my camera.

for those of you who follow this blog and the story of my dad, the update is this: he is slowly getting well. all weekend, especially, i was holding my phone ever so tightly, in fear that i would get ‘that call’ from my mom that my dad has passed.  the phone never rang. in fact i didn’t hear from mom at all making me fear the worse. today i called and talked to them both. he will have another bone marrow biopsy tomorrow to see if the AML cells have been terminated. despite being weak, he is well.

please keep praying.

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