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Day 312


last day of july and we found some cool rocks to jump off of.  i’m surprised the little man actually jumped!

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Day 310


packed the car yesterday to head on down to visit my mother and other family.  today we stopped to visit antietam national park.  hoping our nation’s tattered past can mean something to the little man.

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day 300


what to do with all our free time this week? go see a movie that is not animated and enjoy a good beer together without having to cut up a hot dog or chicken fingers.

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day 296


jet lag pushed aside. heat warming us through uncomfortably. sometimes you just want to sit there and dangle your feet.

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Day 289

a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful wedding.

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Day 288


beautiful tumalo falls in bend, oregon.

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Day 277


we landed in oregon today, for my husband’s sister’s wedding.  land of the imposing pine trees, coffee shops, hippies, and a culture so unfamiliar.

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first week of camp was a success for this little guy! first thing he asked was to come back next year.  the following two hour trip home he was full of stories.

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camp good news. this was my summer home for over ten summers of my life. it was where my husband and i technically met at the age of fourteen (although didn’t start dating until years later). i spent time here training as a cef summer missionary then working as a program director of the camp’s wilderness program. now we come to drop of our son for a week. his first time at camp. his first time for many things, i’m sure.  sleeping away from home for more than two days….is what worries him this most.   but, we dropped him off with out incident.  he barely wanted to say goodbye.  we left him just a few hours ago and i miss him so much already.

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