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the boy and the tree.  what i love about christmas is hope.  my boy hopes he gets everything seen on every commercial.  he hopes it will snow (which it did already). he hopes his cousin doesn’t actually move in three days. i have been reading about hope the last few mornings.  mary had hope. yes, THE mary. the one who was told she was pregnant, but didn’t have sex. talk about someone’s life being thrown a wrench. but she had hope.  hope that this was truly GOD working in and through her.  that the baby she was carrying was truly the son of GOD. how epic is that?  mary learned the meaning of hope: believing in Someone and believing that said Someone will work all things for good. in fact she said, “nothing is impossible with GOD.”   i take that to heart especially with my dad.  i learned today that he has a staff infection, and with someone who does not have an immune system right now this puts him in danger.  but nothing is impossible with GOD. if GOD can make seas separate, flood the earth, make fire rain from the skies, prompt a donkey to speak a human language, make a leper instantly non leprous, raise a man (including himself) from the dead, then He can heal my dad.  He can.  but will He?  i have hope that he will make all things work together for our good.

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