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Day 69


went to a drive through christmas light show today with friends.

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Day 64


all dressed up for the school’s Christmas concert.

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day 57

23432711906_2da5726503_otime to decorate.  he put most of the ornaments on by himself this year.

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a moment of christmas cheer!

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merry christmas from our fort of loot to yours.

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christmas eve. the boy is asleep. the gifts are wrapped. i feel a tinge of guilt in all that i bought him over the past three weeks. i am frustrated that i can’t find one gift i am 99 % certain i bought. but then i feel joy and gratefulness. GOD provided all of this. there was one christmas where we budgeted ourselves $10 each for gifts to each other. and now look at this bounty. these blessings, that i hope our son can realize Who provided these gifts.  yes, christmas is about a baby laying in a manger. but it is also about hope, love, peace, which only that baby could have provided.  i enjoyed the throbbing masses, the long lines, the punchy people, the bargain hunting. it meant i could bless my family. it means our family can now bless others.  i hope tomorrow morning we feel jesus in a new way, in an exciting fresh way, kind of like unwrapping a gift.

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merry almost christmas. our tiny family went to strawberry banke (in portsmouth, nh) to do the christmasy thing and tour their village at night. apparently thousands of other people had the same idea.  good thing the cold air motivated us to keep moving and find warmth in the centuries old houses. stepping back in time amidst the lights and ice skaters and throngs of people was magical, in a way.


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oh, you evil thing. every year, it is “can we build a gingerbread house?”  whose idea was this, to bring this bane of existence into households everywhere.  here i am struggling to shove the icing into a piping bag, keep the decorator tip on (i now realize i probably should have had the tip inside the bag), while keeping the bag from untwisting, while keeping enough pressure to have the icing ooze out. and ooze out it did.  everywhere but through the tip.  the boy literally doing jumping jacks next to me with anticipation of decorating the house.  candy is everywhere, icing drying faster than you can say “uncle” and the walls are not quite to code.  nonetheless, we have mild success.  the boy goes to work decorating. “beading” the window, placing the door knob on just so, decking the roofline with several chimney stacks, and a honking huge “mistletoe” on the roof. he loved it. talking about how delicious it would taste christmas morning. in one week.  i don’t think so, kid.  after a final building inspection, the mini cottage looked good. picturesque enough for the page of a fairy tale book. and then … it falls apart.  they all fall apart. ugh.  the defeated look on both our faces as we look upon a pile of rubble.  the boy begging me to put it back together.  i do some patch work, and so far….so good.  just don’t breath on it.

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