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christmas eve. the boy is asleep. the gifts are wrapped. i feel a tinge of guilt in all that i bought him over the past three weeks. i am frustrated that i can’t find one gift i am 99 % certain i bought. but then i feel joy and gratefulness. GOD provided all of this. there was one christmas where we budgeted ourselves $10 each for gifts to each other. and now look at this bounty. these blessings, that i hope our son can realize Who provided these gifts.  yes, christmas is about a baby laying in a manger. but it is also about hope, love, peace, which only that baby could have provided.  i enjoyed the throbbing masses, the long lines, the punchy people, the bargain hunting. it meant i could bless my family. it means our family can now bless others.  i hope tomorrow morning we feel jesus in a new way, in an exciting fresh way, kind of like unwrapping a gift.

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