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Day 94


this is the house i grew up in.  we moved here when i was seven or eight.  i have long moved out, as did my parents.  but this is my home. i survived my middle school, high school,  and college years here. my dad turned this duplex into a home office and i didn’t think anything different.  i thought everyone’s dad went to work downstairs.  i watched him turn the downstairs apartment into a dental office and the upstairs apartment into our home. his hands touched every corner, cupboard, floor, window, stair, crevice.  he shaped and molded this home.  it is sad looking at this listing because of all the memories.

i have many dreams of this home.  i remember vivid images of my life in this home: my first heartbreak, my proposal, my mom helping me on my math homework, thanksgivings, christmases, sneaking out onto the roof to sunbathe.  have you ever wanted to go back to your childhood home and look around?  i have, every time i drive by this place. thanks to zillow, i can now see inside. and nothing has changed. the current tenant left the wallpaper that my mom put up. paint colors are the same.   every single picture posted on this listing holds a hundred different stories. and i know all of them.  for example, that fireplace is where my husband proposed.

here’s the listing: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/149-N-State-St-Concord-NH-03301/2102550205_zpid/


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