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escaping the heat and taking a break from swimming. took the boy to a small science museum, whose main exhibit was on assembling things.

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starting again

don’t you love how life can whisk you away in so many directions. to be honest i forgot about this blog. instagram became my new friend. i started a full time job. time crept slowly away, almost cowering at me. i had not interest or motivation. then i turned 38. yesterday. i do not feel almost 40 but fear it. along with that fear i feel renewed passion for life.  GOD has brought our family of three into a beautiful spot: blessed and content and happy. to celebrate and mark my almost 40th year of life i nervously splurged on a brand new nikon 3200 dslr.  an almost mid life crisis (my same age husband had his: purchasing a new mini cooper last year).

i have a nostalgic relationship with nikons. i “borrowed” my dad’s (which was actually my grandfather’s) 35mm as a tween and fell in love with the lens and what i could produce with it. my dad then picked out and bought me my first nikon slr in the early 90’s. the fact that he bought it for me meant more than owning it. yes, it was a christmas gift but he wasn’t a gift giver…my mother was. he saw a passion in me and wanted me to explore it. or, he was tired of me using his. still, it meant the world to me. that first camera traveled the world with me. ever since then i toyed with other cameras. several years ago we learned that for the first time ever we owed taxes. not a lot, but for a family of one income, it was devastating. i sold my camera to help pay the taxes owed and that was more devastating. i felt like i had to sell a limb to survive. after that i was using an olympus macro four thirds. cute/compact/powerful. until i turned 38. my son started to play soccer this year. a big deal for a child who doesn’t want to do anything but play on the xbox/ipad/iphone/ds or watch tv. the passion to capture GOD’s glory through a lens welled up within. the pride of watching my son run after a ball was burning in me. i needed to capture that pride. that passion. i needed to do this again. so i did.

my next post will be day one. i am starting over with a fresh lens hoping to reveal to you the GOD i love and of his love for us all.

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