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Day 85

23944537252_8f7fa1011c_oenjoying the first snowfall this season.

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it has been extremely hot these last few days.  not a good way to start school. hot weather leads to sluggishness and add that to students still stuck in summer mode, it makes for a difficult job.  thank goodness for air conditioning.  i tried to capture the bright red sun that rose this morning through the kitchen window. it will be another hot day.

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remains of winter are melting rapidly. wanting to disappear quickly, eager to leave no trace behind.

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more snow. moving to warmer climates seems more appealing with each new foot of snow that falls. moving closer to mom and dad. i have school vacation coming up in a week and people are asking if i am going down to visit dad again.  to be honest i don’t know if i want to.  but i am torn. maybe i’ll just pack up my son and car and drive. a friend (whose dad passed away last year) encouraged me to spend every available moment with dad. every moment that i have left.  i want to. i just wish we didn’t live so far apart.

this past week two people, that i knew, passed away. to cancer. my facebook wall was flooded with comments of sympathy for the family members. i added my condolences wondering how soon this will be me. how soon will it by my turn to receive condolences and sympathy, to post an obituary, to post a photo in memoriam.  i believe God has a plan. he is in control of the plan. i know that plan includes life and death. i know that even though i am begging for a miracle, i am bracing for that phone call from mom.  the waiting is horrible. the unknown. the indefinite.  maybe one day i can flood facebook with shouts of praise!

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