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Day 75


about to make a great pass.

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Day 69


went to a drive through christmas light show today with friends.

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Day 68


he shows great trepidation when it comes to the sport’s ball. whether it be soccer or now basketball.  he lacks the confidence to go after the ball.  in fact he barely knows how to dribble, let a lone go for a lay up.  but today he made a great pass.  that led to a team mate making a basket.

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Day 29


it was a frosty start to today’s tournament.  looking at the bracket when we first arrived we honestly did not envision making it to the end.  they did it! they won their soccer tournament.  a resounding thank you to the coaches and parents and players who had fun and played their best.

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day 22


he almost made a goal

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day 15


our little family celebrated the thirteenth wedding anniversary of the hubs and i.  we were married at a local tourist attraction, near lake winnipesauke, called the castle in the clouds. it was a mansion built 100 years ago and preserved to what life was like in the 1920’s.  but the draw is the view.  the castle sits high up on  a mountain in moutounborough nh, overlooking new hampshire’s infamous lake. the day we were married it was cold, and overcast. in fact, when we left the venue the rain started to fall.

that was thirteen years ago.

today the weather was perfect. the foliage at peak season. we took our son and made it just before closing time. we showed him all the places we walked, spoke our vows, posed for pictures. all while another wedding was about to begin.

another reason i love octobers.

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Day 10


going for the goal

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Day 8


i teach fifth grade and all but one of my male students are on the school’s soccer team.  every time they have a game they ask me if i can go watch them play.  today i made it, with camera in hand.  love their determination and drive.  wish i could see the same in their school work as well!

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day 7


the hubs and i went to a concert tonight.  last one we went to was a couple years ago.  tonight we left the boy at home and joined several hundred other believers in this night of worship.  worship was led by rend collective.  an amazing, humble band from northern ireland.

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