Day 206


our son turned nine recently and today we hosted a sleepover for three of his friends.  we spent time at funspot, getting ice cream, playing video games while eating pizza, and ended with a roaring campfire to make s’mores.  in my mind, a perfect day. i think my son had his own ideas of what a perfect sleepover would look like and quickly got disappointed when things did not align with his vision. he probably had three major meltdowns, full blown temper tantrums. in front of his friends. it was his party and he was going to cry because he wanted to.  i couldn’t understand what was going on!   i think being an only child fed into it all, as well as being such a dramatic and sensitive child.  we may not be having another sleepover any time soon.

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Day 194


it was a nice saturday. sun shining, soft breeze. perfect day to visit the park.  so did hundreds of other people.  at least he found a tree to sit and think in for a bit.

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Day 187


someone is turning nine in two days.  nine.

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Day 185


one of my students was in a local production of ‘schoolhouse rock, live.’ so of course we all went to see her perform.  #conjunctionjunction

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Day 178


took my class on a field trip today to watch maple syrup being made. #nhliquidgold

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Day 161


catching the wind

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Day 160


things i find sitting on the kitchen window sill.

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Day 159


teaching the boy to catch a baseball.

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Day 158


good morning. a hard morning.  it was thursday, march 12. my phone rang at 2:30 and i knew immediately what the call was about. my mom called to tell me my dad had passed away.   i have lived the last year almost in dread of march 12. like it was going to happen all over again. i went through the first birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas, without him. now memories of what happened flood back with lightning speed.  remembering how sad i was a year ago makes me sad. people tell me it will get easier. my sister says she survived with therapy and medication. death hurts. sorrow is so painful.  so unfair.

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