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Day 61

23252649920_87441eafd5_obasketball season has begun. this is his first game, ever. after one practice. one. the team lost, but played well.

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day 57

23432711906_2da5726503_otime to decorate.  he put most of the ornaments on by himself this year.

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Day 36


halloween. a good time gathering candy and sitting on couches on a friend’s lawn warming up by the fire.22467493360_1b264b4fd7_o

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Day 35


i took my fifth grade class to a local chocolatier.  we finished reading ‘charlie and the chocolate factory’ and we are lucky to live close to a real chocolate factory. it is my fifth time here, and i never get sick of it.

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Day 29


it was a frosty start to today’s tournament.  looking at the bracket when we first arrived we honestly did not envision making it to the end.  they did it! they won their soccer tournament.  a resounding thank you to the coaches and parents and players who had fun and played their best.

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playing with a friend in a home made fort

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