happy new year…

…about four months late. we are on the eve of april. the month of our son’s birth. someone tell me how it is possible i was watching him struggle to walk one minute, and the next sending out lego themed invitations for his sixth birthday party. six. it struck me a few days ago that i had not made one. single. post in, well, four months. i suppose i have let other things absorb my time. included in that absorption is the lack of taking a photo every day [the reason behind this blog originally]. how pathetic that life quietly slips through my fingers so quickly i don’t have time or the motivation to capture a moment on [digital] film. so instead of backtracking and posting what rare photos i have in previous blog posts, i aim to post a few highlights from the last four months, below.

winter has come and gone. we’ve seen two (or three) major storms this year, but no snow days until march. this was taken febuary 9 which brought at least two feet of snow.

february storm

we spent our february vacation in the beautiful dominican republic. my parents are [part time] missionaries there and for the first time in at least fifteen years, i have made the journey to visit them and see their home and ministry in person. just my son and i went, and what an adventure it was! cibao valley, dominican republic

pants, meet hole. this is a weekly occurrence lately. Untitled

our cat dreaming of warmer temperatures, i am sure.

window watcher

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