day two hundred.fifiteen


here is my life in a three story nutshell. i drove by the house i grew up in and thought, why NOT take a picture? not too nostalgic since i live about a mile from this house now. but every time i do drive by i am flooded with memories. when we moved in the house we first occupied the downstairs. shortly thereafter my father installed his dental office down there and we relocated up stairs. my bedroom was on the upstairs front porch for a while. i did not like that in the cold winters. soon the attic was converted to bedrooms where i lived for a while. i did not like that in the hot summers. i can’t recall what age i was when we moved in to this house. i think i was younger than 10. and while i was planning my wedding my parents sold this house. a huge chunk of my life was spent here. climbing the trees on the left of the house to spy through the living room windows. riding our bikes in circles around the parking lot we had instead of a back yard. where our dog was run over by a mini van. very traumatic for me witnessing the whole thing. [in fact where i was sitting in my car taking the photo today was probably the exact spot the dog was hit.] propping up my stuffed animals on the side steps, setting up my first photo shoot. manning overpriced lemonade stands. every inch of that house is lined with memories, echoes of the past.


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