day eighty.five

Picture 087

birthday celebration only sixteen days early. the plan was to party hard at a local chuck.e.cheese. i debated whether or not to make a party reservation but that meant paying for crappy chuck.e. paraphernalia, food, etc. we decided to just invite family and we would meet at said location on a saturday afternoon thinking all would run smoothly. the fact that we couldn’t even get in the door, because too many people were wanting to get in, was indication enough to admit failure and head back home. there we werestanding in the windy, cold spring weather and had to break it to the birthday boy that we couldn’t stay. we let everyone else know the change of plans. jump ahead, past a moment of emotional breakdown (me, not our son) and hurried rush through the dollar store for balloons (we only lost one to the sky) and plates, and the grocery store for cake and refreshments we arrived home with our family waiting. i felt like i let everyone down, including our soon to be four year old. but no one seemed to care. we had a time better than any spent at chuck.e.cheese. my whole family was there and our son was blessed beyond measure.
and yes, the cake is on a chair. not glamorous but our son got a kick out the the trick candles regardless.

One thought on “day eighty.five

  1. Amber says:

    Way to roll with it, K. Great job!Don't be so hard on yourself.

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