day fifty.six

hi 150

yet another snowy day here

7 thoughts on “day fifty.six

  1. stlavonlady says:

    Enjoy looking through your photos. We also woke up to snow on the ground. What a beautiful site! Although I am almost done with winter. Looking forward to spring and warmer weather. How about you?Found you through Friendly Friday blog hop and would enjoy a follow back. Take care and have a great weekend! Juliestlavonlady

  2. furygirl3132 says:

    Love your pictures, thanks so much for sharing!I am a new follower from Friendly Friday, so happy to have found your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!EloiseMommy2TwoGirls

  3. Jill Good says:

    Really? It was about 70 here…

  4. Newbie follower here! :)

  5. your photography is lovely, Kari.deb meyers

  6. Jer says:

    Love this one! Looks like a painting.

  7. The Miller's says:

    Breath-taking. Wow.♥

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